Click-to-Text Message Extensions

In late 2016 Google launched a new ‘click-to-message’ ad extension type. It places an icon next to your ad that searchers can click on, to instantly open a text message dialog on their phone. How effective are these & how can you use them?

Do click to text extensions work?

According to Google:
”65% of consumers say they’d consider using messaging to connect with a business to get information about a product or service, or to schedule an in-person appointment.”

We haven’t yet run enough click-to-text extension to tell you whether they work or not. We have however tried a click-to-text widget on one of our clients websites and it significantly outperformed all the other methods of enquiries (email,phone calls). Below is the case study.

To learn how to set these up, check out Google’s best practice guide for click-to-text extensions

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[case study] Click-to-test Widget on mobile website

We trialed this on a client recently, who is in the car keys replication business. We told users to Text us with a make/model/year of their car to get a free quote. The number of people using this SMS feature to enquire has surpassed our expectations. Not only did it improve conversion but it also turned out to be more EFFICIENT for our clients to provide quotes in this way.

In a quest to find out why people responded so well to this widget, we called a few of the enquirers to ask what made them send an SMS instead of just calling or emailing. The most common response we got was “I’m at work and can’t really talk with my boss around so it was easier to send a text”.

In my personal experience as a consumer, when looking for tradies of any kind, I found that emailing for a quote takes around 24h hours on average to get a reply. This is possibly because lots of tradies while out on a job don’t check their emails and some are too busy to even pick up their mobiles. Sending an SMS means they can reply whenever they get a free minute, its efficient and quick. So for some businesses like trades, this could be a good solution, while for B2B it somewhat less ideal due to more complicated nature of the service and its often inappropriate.

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