How To Get Stars in Your AdWords Ad

stars-adwords-adShowing stars alongside your AdWords ads is a great way to stand out from other advertisers in the search results.

Very few advertisers show stars with their ads so this could be your chance to get double digit improvements in your CTR%. Plus all the other wonderful conversion-related bi-products of having reviews and social proof behind your brand/products/services.

Here’s what you need to do to *attempt to show stars in your AdWords Ads

I say ‘attempt’ because Google automatically picks when / whether it will show stars, even when you satisfy all of their eligibility criteria. There are no guarantees here.

Google AdWords will only accept reviews from their ‘trusted’ review/rating websites. Not every site where reviews can be posted makes the cut, only the select few do. Below you will find the list of the most affordable google-accepted review sites.

You need to have minimum of 150 ratings that are no more than 12months old. You also need minimum rating of 3.5 stars, to be eligible to show star ratings.

Do not get frustrated if you don’t show stars in your ads even when you have collected 150 reviews.

Google approved review websites with pricing plans. I only listed the more affordable ones where prices are readily available on site. There is another 15-20 sites that aren’t listed here.


Don’t confuse these with the Review Ad EXTENSIONS.

Here is a good post about how you can get stars in your Google organic SERPS.

Author: Natasha Popovich

I have been in Digital Marketing since 2003. My focus over the past decade has been Google AdWords, Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization. I spent in access of $30m on Google and worked with companies of all sizes in NZ, AU, Asia & Europe, directly and through advertising agencies. I now provide consulting services to agencies and businesses directly.