How to Beat Your Biggest Competitor in Google – Outrank Share Bidding


Mission in Life: Beat Your Arch Enemy in Google

Is there one competitor that just keeps showing up ahead of you in Google and is a thorn in your eye? Is it your mission in life to beat them by showing up above them?

I got good news then! Believe it or not that’s super easy to do….

One of the top concerns clients often come to me with is that there is the key competitor, their arch enemy, who constantly shows up above them in Google. Quite often (to my surprise) this is the #1 goal of some clients. I personally don’t believe there is the right strategy and usually advice clients against it.

Google has caught on to this trend and introduced a bidding strategy to make it very easy to do this in Google AdWords. Easy but not necessarily cheap.

Target Outranking Share Bidding Strategy

When using this bidding strategy Google will automatically set bids for you to help you beat this competitor. Simply specify the competitor’ domain you want to beat and how often you want to beat them and Google will do the rest, to ensure you are listed ahead of this competitor. This means it will keep raising your bids to the level needed to outrank this competitor.

How To Set Target Outranking Share Bidding Strategy in AdWords


Is it Really Worth Outbidding Them?

Downside is that this will keep pushing up your click costs and you might end up paying more than you would have had you not been concerned by a specific competitor.

Is it worth it? Is it really that important you beat them? If you have a solid business case for spending more money just for showing above this competitor then go for it. In my experience its usually not worth it but I don’t know your specific situation and motifs to advice you against it.

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Author: Natasha Popovich

I have been in Digital Marketing since 2003. My focus over the past decade has been Google AdWords, Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization. I spent in access of $30m on Google and worked with companies of all sizes in NZ, AU, Asia & Europe, directly and through advertising agencies. I now provide consulting services to agencies and businesses directly.

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