How to use Google AdWords to send HOT leads to your website this week...

What exactly is Google AdWords

Only ads show above the fold when I Google Kitchen Suppliers from my 15 inch laptop

The 4 listings shown above are all paid listings aka AdWords Ads.

No free(organic)listings are seen on active screen (before you start to scroll down the page).

If you want your website to appear at the top of the page, when prospects Google ‘your product’, you need to have Google AdWords.

Why is it really important to be as close to the TOP of Google results as possible?

Click-through rate in relation to search ranking position

Majority of customers will click on the first listing.
2nd listing gets 50% less clicks
3rd 75% less and so forth.

But I’m already paying for SEO services to optimize my website, do I really need AdWords too?


With organic listings (SEO) the closest you can get to the top is to position #5 (first 4 are reserved for AdWords ads).

If your site is showing in pos 5,6,7 in Google then this is a great achievement and you don’t NEED AdWords.

Question is: Do you WANT to grab even more leads by having your site also appear in position 1/2/3/4?

It’s kinda like having 2 lotto tickets vs just 1 – it doubles your chance for a win.

Reason Why AdWords Produces High ROI

Not reactive but proactive

Google Search, whether paid (AdWords) or Organic (SEO) are extremely effective at generating leads & sales for one reason.
They both reach customers who are PROACTIVELY looking for your products.
They don’t promote to mass audiences and hope to hit someone who is interested.

Google Search is the BULLS EYE of all advertising

Darts hitting the bullseye

It’s the only platform that gives you access to HOT LEADS – those who have already realised the need and went searching for your product.

This is business GOLD!

Your aim should be to send as many of these HOT leads (that are up for grabs on Google) as possible to your website.

You have 2 paths to get this bulls eye:
1: via AdWords
2: via SEO

Investing in SEO is a more risky option due to uncertainty and time needed to achieve rankings (this also isn’t free!). Payout can be huge, when and IF it ever works.

AdWords is a quicker way to the top...

AdWords will start showing your website in Gooogle almost instantly.

It’ll start sending leads to your website only hours after it’s been set up.

Why you should NOT attempt to run AdWords yourself?

Homer Simpson saying d'oh!

The only time you should do this yourself is if you have lots of time to dedicate to learning a new skill. You can expect to waste lots of money for mistakes you are guaranteed to make along the way.

#1 reason you should hire a PPC expert to do this for you is this:

Google REWARDS advertisers who have high quality campaigns by reducing their CPC (cost-per-click).

Google partner badge


High quality campaign
= high quality leads
= more sales
= better ROI
= better bottom line

AdWords Search Certification
Analytics Certification

Why is getting AdWords specialised,
boutique digital marketing agency
in your business’s best interests?

We have worked with AdWords since its inception and spent over $30mil on AdWords over the past decade.

We know how to avoid all the costly booby-traps (and there is quite a few of those if you don’t know what to look out for!)

We only take on 10 new clients a month. This enables us to have enough time to dedicate to each client.

We know how to optimise your campaign to the highest quality so you get quality leads PLUS leverage off Google’s rewards system (cost-reduction for quality campaigns).

The higher your ROI, the longer you will stay with us.
It costs money to acquire each new client and so we’d rather keep the ones we have happy.

How much is it gonna cost me?

You could spend $200 a month and get a few leads each month or you could spend $10,000 and get 50x as many leads. Your spend depends on how many leads you want.

The best way to think of AdWords spend is:

If it’s generating good ROI and bringing in new business, do not cap your spend.

If you would like to know how much it would cost to get XYZ new clients call us now on 021 458117

Tell us the volume of leads/clients you want (monthly) and your product/service and we will get an estimate for you.

Would you allow your sales reps to just sit on their hands all day, not see or talk to any prospects?

Man waiting for a phone call

Your website is your 24hours sales rep. Without visitors your website is like a sales rep just sitting idle. There is a huge influx of potential customers turning to Google to find your products. If they don’t see your website there, your competitors will win their business.

How much do you pay your sales reps?

I guarantee that with the help of AdWords, your website will be your lowest paid sales rep you ever had!

And plus you can fire him on the spot if he fails to deliver :)

Contact us today on 021 458 117 to book a 40minute consult (no-charge)
to start driving leads and sales through your website THIS WEEK!